How is this different from the last recession?

Someone well-meaning asked me why I thought the current economic crisis might be different from the last recession, and why might we not see the recovery patterns from the 2009-2012 period. I suppose I feel it is different because of everything I read about the state of the economy these days, and because the one number I can chart – the unemployment rate – is not even close to what we have witnessed since 1948.

Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Filed in Ohio's Counties

A few weeks ago I was grumbling about the state not releasing the weekly county-level initial and continued unemployment insurance claims data in anything but an old pdf format. How old? You know, the kind the Census Bureau gave up in the 1990s. Anyhow, turns out the PDFs could be scraped with relatively little pain; thank you {tabulizer}!! So here are the data, only the weeks in 2020 for now but the plan is to update this weekly through the crisis, and to go back over the years as well, at least until September/October 2017, the earliest data releases I can find.