Student Growth Measures (SGM) Mini‐Grant Program for Extended Value‐Added Testing

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During the 2011‐13 academic years, 81 of Ohio’s Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) received mini‐grants to implement extended testing and received value‐added data in selected grades and content areas not covered by the Ohio Achievement Assessments. An OERC research team developed a two year research plan to evaluate the following broad areas regarding Year 1 (Round 1) and Year 2 (Round 2) mini‐grant recipients:

  • Implementation. Identify successes and areas in need of improvement, including the “buy‐in” of teachers.
  • Roster Veriϔication. Investigate experiences related to linking students to the teacher of record with the appropriate percentage of time.
  • Educator Evaluation Systems. Determine how the data from the extended testing will be used to inform OPES and OTES, including the relationship between the teacher performance standards component and expanded value‐added metrics, and the impact on instructional practice decisions.
  • LEA Solutions. Identify implementation practices LEAs have adopted.