The Geographic and Cultural Health Divide in Rural-Metropolitan-Suburban Ohio

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

This study will combine the 2019 Ohio Medicaid Assessment Survey (OMAS) data with 2008 - 2017 OMAS data, both to identify current rural-urban divides in health behaviors, outcomes, and needs of the adult and child populations, and to gauge short-term trends (2008 - 2019). Substantive focus will be on the following areas: (1) Demographic profiles; (2) Health care access; (3) Health care utilization; (4) Chronic health conditions; (5) Quality of care; (6) Health behaviors, and; (7) Unmet health care needs. To the extent possible, we will document current and historical racial/ethnic inequities in unmet health care needs, health care access, utilization, chronic health conditions, quality of care received, and health behaviors in Rural Appalachian, Rural non-Appalachian, Suburban, and Metropolitan areas of the state. We will also build a risk index for physical health, mental health, health risk behaviors, and health care access for the populations studied.