Census 2020 Response Rates

COVID-19 may have been impartial in that it has affected just about every facet of our lives but its decade-long impact is likely to manifest itself in a larger Census undercount in some areas than in others. In this post I wanted to take a quick look at how our fair state is faring (no pun intended). Let us start with a view from the eagles’ crag – looking at our Census Tracts.

Resident Population Change in Ohio

Now that the population change estimates are out, here is a quick peek at Ohio’s estimates. First up – the extent of gains and losses in our counties. No surprises here; Most of the Appalachian counties have seen population losses. Specifically, Appalachia lost 48,211 persons while the rest of the state gained 200,896 persons. The largest gains were in Franklin (146,768), Delaware (30,654), Warren (19,353), Hamilton (14,312) and Butler (14,243).