Opioid Encounters in Ohio Counties

The opioid crisis is an issue in most parts of the country and Ohio is no exception, with some of the highest numbers of Fentanyl encounters reported by law enforcement. Although one could, I suppose, try to identify county-level deaths due to drug overdoses via CDC Wonder, this is a quick look at the data provided by the Ohio Hospital Association’s Overdose Data Sharing Program.

Diabetes in Southeast Ohio

In Athens County and the seven counties that border it in Ohio and West Virginia, about every fifth adult has been diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Of these, about one-third report they are taking insulin. The assessment, produced in partnership with the Ohio University Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, outlines what life is like for area residents living with diabetes; serves as a guide for the Institute’s strategic planning; and provides insights to support diabetes care, prevention and education in the region. It was partly funded by an Ohio University Innovation Strategy planning grant awarded to the Diabetes Institute in early 2016.

HIV Needs Assessment (Ohio)

Understanding the needs (gaps in barriers to prevention/care services) of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and high-risk people is critical to improving the health of Ohioans and reducing the transmission of HIV.

Social Determinants of Infant Mortality: A new approach to reduce infant mortality and achieve equity

In March 2016, the Ohio Commission on Infant Mortality issued a report to the Governor and leaders of the General Assembly, making specific recommendations designed to reduce infant mortality, and acknowledging the importance of reducing racial disparities and addressing contributing factors inside/outside the healthcare system.

The Health Value Dashboard

The Health Policy Institute of Ohio Health Value Dashboard is a tool to track Ohio’s progress towards health value — a composite measure of Ohio’s performance on population health outcomes and healthcare spending.

The Medicaid and Appalachian Health, SES, and Ecological OMAS Assessment Study

The Ohio Medicaid Assessment Survey (OMAS) is an Ohio-specific assessment that provides health care access, utilization, and health status information about residential Ohioans at the state, regional and local levels, with a concentration on Ohio’s Medicaid, Medicaid-eligible, and non-Medicaid populations.