AthensR User-group Sessions

These are materials from the gathering of the R User-Group in Athens. The goal was to introduce R and RStudio to folks who had none to some experience with R, and then to eventually make our way to more advanced code walkthroughs and demonstrations.

Tidying data: long to wide

My goal here is to introduce you to some basic tidy operations that are often necessary when working with ‘untidy’ data. What are tidy data? Well, tidy data have the following characteristics

What then are untidy data? Here are two examples: …

Tidying data: wide to long

The last example we worked through was to use regex to convert data to the long format. Let us redo that exercise. …

Data manipulation with {dplyr}

Data are not just untidy, but often available to us in forms that are far from convenient. Variables names and values are uppercase/lowercase/snakecase/camelcase; we need to calculate averages and plot them rather than work with unit-leve data, and so on.