MPA 5830: Data Analytics for Leadership & Public Affairs

MPA 5830 is an online course designed to introduce our Online MPA students to data analysis and visualization with R/RStudio. The ability to handle data, even if only to do some basic data cleaning prior to carrying out appropriate descriptive/inferential analyses and build data visualizations, is a skill as rare in the public sector workforce as great is the demand for that very skill. There are two versions of this course, one that uses Jupyter Notebooks in a JupyterLab setup, and the other that uses local installations of R and RStudio.

The slides may be easy to follow but the vignettes are easier to print. If you do decide to print the latter, make sure you first convert them to PDF (Google Chrome does this well). Lastly, do not peek at the solutions to the exercises until such time as you have spent a few hours on the practice exercises.

Materials if using a local installation of R & RStudio

Topic Slides Vignettes Solution sets
Module 01 Slides 01 Vignette 01 Solutions to exercises
Module 02 Slides 02 Vignette 02 Solutions to exercises
Module 03 Slides 03 Vignette 03 Solutions to exercises
Module 04 Slides 04 Vignette 04 Solutions to exercises
Module 05 Slides 05 Vignette 05 Solutions to exercises
Module 06 Slides 06 Vignette 06 Solutions to exercises

Materials if using JupyterLab

Topic Notebook Solution sets
Module 01 html Notebook see JupyterLab
Module 02 html Notebook see JupyterLab
Module 03 html Notebook see JupyterLab
Module 04 html Notebook see JupyterLab
Module 05 html Notebook see JupyterLab
Module 06 html Notebook see JupyterLab