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Ohio's COVID-19 Cases by Zip Code

Since the Ohio Department of Health is releasing case count data by zip codes, I wanted to see what this data looks like. There may be …

Census 2020 Response Rates

COVID-19 may have been impartial in that it has affected just about every facet of our lives but its decade-long impact is likely to …

Unemployment in Ohio's Counties

It has been a while since I created a new post and although there have been a few in the pipeline, I cannot find the peace of mind to …

TSA Throughput with Scraping html Tables

I saw one of the smartest people I e-know (the one and only @hrbrmstr) post TSA’s daily airline passenger traffic numbers circa March …

How is this different from the last recession?

Someone well-meaning asked me why I thought the current economic crisis might be different from the last recession, and why might we …


Ohio University

About me

I am a professor of leadership and public affairs at Ohio Universty’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs. I work on grant-funded and contracted research in the domains of public health, education, and social services, for the most part. I teach introductory and advanced data analytics in our Master of Public Administration (MPA) programs (in all three formats the MPA is offered in), and have taught undergraduate and graduate statistics courses for Plant Biology, Economics, and Commmunication Studies. My cv can be found here.


  • Data analytics and visualization
  • Public health
  • Program evaluation


  • PhD in Political Science, 1999

    SUNY at Stony Brook (NY)

  • MA in Economics, 1993

    University of New Hampshire (NH)

  • BA in Economics, 1989

    University of Mumbai, Mumbai (India)