COVID-19 Vaccination Progress

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The CDC is tracking overall vaccination rates and longterm-care facilities’ vaccinations, both by State, Territory, and the former also by Federal Entity. This is a simple post using {statebins} to track change over time.

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The CDC is tracking and reporting overall vaccination rates and long-term-care facilities’ vaccinations by State, Territory, and Federal Entity. This is a simple post using {statebins} to track change over time. The data are updated daily (roughly before 08:00 PM EST) but I have yet to figure out how to scrape and automate the respective data containers. Consequently, my current approach to accumulating the data is a daily manual download followed-up by row-binding each fresh batch to the existing data-frame. The data reported here are current as of 2021-04-18.

The statebins shown below reflect the total vaccine doses administered1, and Total doses administered per 100,0002

If you are curious about the data values, here is a table of the data mapped above.

  1. The total count is the total number of vaccine doses that have been given to people in the United States since December 14, 2020, the date when the first dose was administered to a person in the United States under the Emergency Use Authorization as a non-clinical trial.↩︎

  2. This measure represents the total number of vaccine doses given for every 100,000 people (overall and per the population aged 18 years and older), allowing comparison between areas with different population sizes.↩︎


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