From time to time I teach workshops that introduce students of all ages and experience to using R for data acquisition, data cleaning, analysis, and visualization. The material developed for these workshops is available here.

R for the Ohio Program Evaluators’ Group (OPEG)

This was an online workshop delivered to members of OPEG – the Ohio Program Evaluators’ Group. The focus was on the fundamentals of R & Rstudio, importing and cleaning data, frequencies and other descriptive statistics, and simple visualizations with ggplot2.

Introduction to Basic Inferential Statistics, R, and the survey and srvyr packages

Two cohorts (2018 and 2019) of Egyptian Junior Fulbright scholars spent summers in Athens, working on both research and pedagogical skills. The goal of this three-day workshop was to provide an overview of basic inferential statistics before introducing R and RStudio, showing participants how to conduct basic data manipulation with the tidyverse, some data visualizations with ggplot2, and finally how to estimate some inferential statistics with the survey and srvyr packages.

Introduction to R and the Tidyverse

These are materials from a workshop I taught in May of 2019. The goal was to introduce R and RStudio, basic data manipulation with the tidyverse, and then provide an overview of literate programming for report generation (automated plus manual).

Introduction to python via jupyter notebooks

These are ipynb notebooks assembled to introduce python to newbies with none/some R experience. Each notebook also contains the links to the parent binder.

Athens’ R User-group Sessions

These are materials from the gathering of the R User-Group in Athens. The goal was to introduce R and RStudio to folks who had none to some experience with R, and then to eventually make our way to more advanced code walk-throughs and demonstrations. Between work and then COVID-19 the group stopped gathering.


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