Vulnerabilities and Vaccination Rates in Ohio Counties

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On March 26th the CDC released county vaccinate rate estimates for the nation, indicating daily updates would be released around 8:00 pm EST. I will be trying to update this daily in sync with the CDC, and looking at vaccination rates in the context of social vulnerability indices.

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The interesting questions, though, would be to ask how vaccination rates square against existing selected underlying medical conditions associated with increased risk for severe COVID-19 illness? We have data from an important study(Razzaghi 2020) so let us get to it!

The scatterplot maps vaccination rates (on the vertical axis) against vulnerability to severe illness from contracting COVID-19 (on the horizontal axis), with the size of the blue circle reflecting the size of the 18+ population. The county labeled is the blue dot in the center of black circle. Southeast Ohio is at elevated risk, with Jackson, Morgan, and Vinton counties leading the State. What is of topical concern though is current vaccination rates plotted against elevated risk. Some 48.7% of Van Wert’s 18+ population has elevated risk but current vaccination rates for this age-group stand at 11.3%, the lowest in the state. Holmes’ vaccination rate is low as well but the Amish presence there always introduces expected noise in the estimates. Putnam county’s risk level is not that different from one of its adjacent counties – Van Wert – but Putnam’s vaccination rate is almost thrice that of Van Wert’s. Why the difference?

Razzaghi, Hilda. 2020. “Estimated County-Level Prevalence of Selected Underlying Medical Conditions Associated with Increased Risk for Severe COVID-19 IllnessUnited States, 2018.” MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 69.



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