PBIO 3150/5150: Statistics for Plant Biology

PBIO 3150/5150 is the usual required statistics course for undergraduates/graduates, respectively, majoring in plant or cell biology at Ohio University. I had the privilege of teaching this course for several years and have made these materials available because of periodic requests by students. They have not been updated in a few years so please do look at the wonderful development Whitlock and Schluyter have made in recent years.

The syllabus is available here

Slides Knit files Lab files
Chapter 1 none lab 1
Chapter 2 html lab 2
Chapter 3 html lab 3
Chapter 4 html lab 4
Chapter 5 none lab 5
Chapter 6 html lab 6
Chapter 7 html lab 7
Chapter 8 html lab 8
Chapter 9 html
Chapter 10 html
Chapter 11 html
Chapter 12 html
Chapter 13 html
Chapter 14 none
Chapter 15a html
Chapter 15b none
Chapter 16 html
Chapter 17 html
(Chapter 17 continued) html
Chapter 18 html